PMD Applied

Centennial Books, November 2005, ISBN 0-9762214-1-1. 221 pages. $15 PDF, $29.99 paper.

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PMD Applied shows you how to use PMD more effectively and explains how PMD works internally. It's got chapters on writing your own rules, best practices, a survey of Java open source code analysis tools, and much more. It's written by Tom Copeland, the lead PMD developer.

Reader quotes

  • PMD Applied is the authoritative reference on how to effectively utilize and contribute to PMD and it's written by the authority on PMD! It's a great read and a must have for any Java developer looking to improve code quality. -- Andrew Glover
  • If you want to make PMD work creatively and if you have the inclination, then this is the book. -- Sivakumar Mambakkam
  • [PMD Applied] is an excellent resource for those who want to get the most out of PMD. -- Dr. Stephen Edwards, VA Tech CS Dept

Reviews and interviews

  • If you use or are considering using PMD for static analysis of Java code, then this book should be by your side -- review by Simon Chappell at
  • I would give it a rating of 9/10 -- review by Meera Subbarao at JavaLobby
  • can get complete working knowledge of PMD, its internals, its best practices and customization, etc - no stone is left unturned. -- review by Krish Bhargav,
  • ...a solid resource to have in any Java Developer's library and lib directory. -- review by Keith Casey, Casey Software
  • JavaPosse interviews Tom about PMD and PMD Applied
  • The Rails podcast (i.e., Geoffrey Groesenbach) interviews Tom about RubyForge, PMD and PMD Applied

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